Durable-built drawn Box Scrapers from RedWolf are offered in three sizes, ranging from 8-ft to 12-ft, and are available with a convenient tilt option.

Whether you’re prepping site for a new home, or maintaining a long gravel road for years after construction, a box scraper from RedWolf lets you do the job easier and faster.

It’s a low-cost piece of equipment that makes neat and clean work of moving or leveling gravel, mulch, topsoil, manure, and more.

RedWolf Box Scrapers are designed to be easily pulled with tractors starting at just 50 horsepower. Plus, they are simple to manuever, and convenient to store when not in use.

All box scraper models from RedWolf come equipped with all-hydraulic cylinders, hoses, new tires, a greaseable swivel clevis hitch, and a side-wind jack.


  • Grading Rock Roads

  • Building and Cleaning Ponds

  • Construction Site Preparation

  • Pond Construction

  • Pasture Leveling

  • Cutting Ditches & Runoffs

  • Breaking Up Packed Gravel

  • Backfilling Holes & Potholes

  • Spreading Mulch, Topsoil or Manure

  • Pulling Sapling Tree Roots

  • Snow Removal

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