RedWolf offers three models of forced ejection scrapers with capacities from 8-1/2 to 14-1/2 cubic yards, providing versatility to handle a variety of applications.

Primarily used in agriculture and small contractor industry, pull-type scrapers are one of the most efficient methods of earth moving and land leveling. They allow you to not only unload any material, but also level the material as you unload.

RedWolf Ejection Scrapers are designed to be easily pulled with agriculture tractors. They can also be loaded with a track hoe or loader bucket and used as a dump truck with spreading capabilities.

When the work area is too wet to use a dump truck, a tractor and ejection scraper equipped with front dolly tires can get in and out easier. All scraper models from RedWolf offer front-and rear-wheel traction tires for superior stability in the worst of work conditions.

The Model 850 scraper is designed to be pulled easily behind a 120-HP agriculture tractor. Its 84-in cutting width is ideal for cleaning waterways and ditches.

The Model 1200 has a 12-1/2 cubic yard capacity and offers a wide 108-in cut. It works well for cutting terrace channels. Able to pack soil while ejecting each load, the Model 1200 is a workhorse to build ponds and dams.

The new Model 1450 has the same width of cut as the 1200, but offers a longer bowl — still easy to load, but carries more material.

At the same time, its rugged construction allows this scraper to be pulled behind a 200- to 500-HP tractor with ease.

All RedWolf ejection scrapers can have a bracket mounted for GPS or laser capabilities. They work well for leveling fields, as well as maintaining good drainage.


MODEL 1200

MODEL 1450


  • Building and Cleaning Ponds

  • Building pads for Residential or Commercial sites

  • Maintaining Land fills

  • Land Leveling for Field Irrigation

  • Dam Construction

  • Building Wet Land Projects

  • Road Construction

  • Maintaining Feedlots

  • Water Ways and Terrace Channels

  • Building Lagoons and Runoff Pits


  • Treaded, Heavy Ply Rated Tires for Side Slopes

  • 3 PC. Reversible Cutting Edge

  • 1” Thick High Strength Steel Moldboard

  • 1/2” Thick High Strength Steel Floor

  • High Blade Clearance

  • Large Front Apron Opening

  • Designed for Maximum Down Pressure on Front Apron

  • Heavy Swivel Hitch with replaceable Wear Sleeve

  • Pivot Points have Case Hardened Grease able pins

  • Drive in Replaceable Hardened, Split Bushings

  • Hydraulic Forced Ejection Push Gate for Spreading as you unload

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